Checklist for Zoo Trip

If you are taking your loved ones to the zoo, this checklist will make sure you have the best zoo experience.

Planning the Zoo Trip

  • Research: Visit the zoo’s website
  • Know Timelines: Determine the zoo’s operating timeline
  • Plan your trip: Choose the time when the zoo is less crowded.
  • Purchase tickets online: Saves time
  • Find feeding schedule: Helps to see the animals in action.
  • Find Shows: Determine if there are animal shows or zookeeper talks.
  • Get the Map: Check the zoo’s website and print out the map.
  • Make a List: Figure out what to see and do.
  • Number Areas: Follow the order by which you plan to visit.
  • Teach your children: Helps them to understand and enjoy the trip.
  • Lunch: Decide on whether you need to be packed or if you will buy.
  • Start Early: Pack the night before.
  • Watch the weather forecast.

At The Zoo

  • Watch the animals at a distance
  • Don’t feed the animals
  • Don’t rush
  • Allows kids to enjoy
  • Watch your kids

After The Zoo Trip

  • Consider ‘adopting’ an animal of choice
  • Consider having a zoo camp.
  • Go to the library and research animal books
  • Do an Internet search on animals.

Watching wild animals is easy when you pack your set of binoculars. Make sure that you always have your binoculars in place.

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