Checklist for Yard Sale

The best way to clear all the clutter at home is to cash in on them. A yard sale is probably what you need. Here is a checklist to help you get down with it.

2-3 Weeks Before The Yard Sale

  • Check community rules
  • Get required licenses if any
  • Confirm the dates (when and where) the sale will take place.
  • Post yard sale signs.
  • Collect items that you no longer need.
  • Choose the perfect date to have your sale.
  • Encourage all your neighbors to come and participate.
  • Create a newspaper ad.
  • Call newspaper and put up the ad.

 1 Week Before The Yard Sale

  • Make sure sale items are clean
  • Ensure all the repairs are done with.
  • Access the bank and get change for the sale.
  • Price your items
  • Organize your items in categories
  • Make/ buy yard sale signs.

The Day Of The Yard Sale

  • Set-up a checkout stand.
  • Display items in an organized fashion.
  • Price your items clearly
  • Use a pricing sticker.
  • Organize change in a “change box”.
  • Have a calculator
  • Get a pen and a paper for totaling
  • Have bags or newspapers that you can use to wrap fragile items.
  • Have plug extension to test electrical items.
  • Post the signs of visible areas.
  • Set out small snacks and soft drinks

After The Yard Sale

  • Donate unsold items
  • Remove your sale signs.

Now that you have your money, it is time to give your home the facelift that you need. This checklist just gave you the springboard that you needed.

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