Checklist for Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance keeps shrubs, dirt, and potential health hazards away. Use this checklist to get the best yard maintenance.

Spring Yard Maintenance

  • Rake shrub beds and yards.
  • Bag up the debris.
  • Apply mulch a couple of inches will help retain water
  • Seed bare or sparse lawn spots.
  • Don’t prune trees or shrubs that flower.

 Fall Yard Maintenance

  • Repaint wooden posts or braces
  • Treat wooden posts to prevent rotting
  • Apply pesticides to keep termites away
  • Fix the nails that are drawing out.
  • Check out any loose or hanging vines.
  • Check walls for loose stones or mortar.
  • Repair benches and lawn chairs.
  • Inspect the walks.
  • Remove over or under-developed plants.
  • Replace and secure steps
  • Realign stones to hold moisture.
  • Clean and repair your garden pool.
  • Check and repair all fountains in operation

It is simple really and you can do it every single day. Start out with the light jobs and gradually move onto heavier options.

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