Checklist For Work

Make finding a job that suits you a simple process. Use this simple checklist to keep every little thing under check.

Evaluate Your Skills

  • Prepare a resume or CV: A summary of your skills and qualifications.
  • List volunteer work: Put down a series of unpaid work.
  • Explain Your Skills: Give a straight-up description of your abilities.
  • Describe your skills: Include those not directly related to past
  • Define your strength: In relation to your capacity show the strength.
  • Evaluate weaknesses: Explain barriers and determine ways to combat them.

Plan Ahead

  • Payment: Determine salary, wages, or income you’ll hold out for
  • Target: Decide what position you want to be in five or ten years
  • Divide requirements: Space your job into ‘wants’ and ‘needs’
  • Upgrade: Take a course to fine-tune skill sets or get certification

Find Employment

  • Start Locally: Contact local job or workforce office/ center
  • Agencies: Check out with temporary work agencies and hiring agents
  • Adverts: Read local dailies to find listed jobs
  • Go Online: Use online job finders and scout employment listings
  • Pick Companies: Distribute a resume or CV to prospective employers
  • Schedule interviews: Start out for the best positions offered

Interview Tips

  • Dress appropriately
  • Dress professionally
  • Plain Clothing: Remove any facial jewelry
  • Get Question List: Start on anticipated questions and answers
  • Arrive on time: a few minutes early for your interview
  • Relax and Focus: prepared to answer inquiries

Your First Day Back

  • Select an attire
  • Press your attire the night before
  • Research dining places near the workplace
  • Arrive early to familiarize with your workspace
  • Ask questions and don’t take risk mistakes

Now that you’ve got your dream job, it’s time to be proactive, self-starting, and to remain motivated; thanks to our simple to use the checklist.

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