Checklist for Winter Mountaineering

Going hiking or mountaineering in the winter’s shivering temperatures need enough preparation. This checklist is here to give you get you prepared.

Mountain Specific

  • Goggles: protects your eyes
  • Energy bars: keeps your energy levels up
  • Vacuum flask: keeps your beverages warm/ hot.
  • Sunglasses: protects your eyes from the sun’s UV rays
  • Lipstick: prevents your lips from cracking/ drying
  • Facial cream: keeps your face moisturized
  • Altimeter watch: monitors the altitude
  • Knife: a survival or tactical knife
  • Documents: identification documents
  • GPS: helps to monitor routes
  • Compass: gives the best directions
  • Map: use to track your movements/ landmarks
  • First aid kit: In case of injuries
  • Trekking sticks: for more support
  • Torch/headlight: for dim lit areas
  • Backpack: to keep your accessories safe.
  • Boots: to protect your feet
  • Softshell jacket: to keep you warm
  • Softshell pants: to add warmth
  • Wind / waterproof jacket: to save you from getting wet.
  • Wind / waterproof pants: protects you from getting wet.
  • Primaloft jacket: adds warmth
  • Insulating jacket: keeps body heat intact/ prevent loss of heat
  • Gloves: Protects your hands


  • Log books:
  • Guide book:
  • Socks
  • Cap/hat

General Stuff

  • Mobile charger
  • Cosmetics
  • Camera / charger
  • Condoms
  • Flip flops

Keep safe and have the best winter mountaineering experience today. Use this checklist that guarantees a smooth ride all through the winter mountain climbing spree.

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