Checklist For Venue

Looking for a venue for your next family Thanksgiving? No problem! Use our checklist to get started on any type of venue that you need.

Choosing The Venue

  • Theme: Does the venue suit your theme?
  • Size: Is it big enough to accommodate all your guests?
  • Equipment: do they have all the equipment that you can use?
  • Floor setting: Are the tables, chairs, cover, linens appropriate?
  • Catering: Do they have their in-house catering services?
  • Safety: Is the place safe for guests to store coats and their personal belongings?
  • Restrooms: How many restrooms do they have for guests?
  • Public address system? Is there a public address system for speeches?
  • Parking: Are parking facilities adequate?
  • Licensed: Are they licensed of alcohol and beverage consumption?
  • Reservations: How far in advance do you need to do the bookings?
  • Cancellation: What’s the cancellation or postponement policy?

Visiting The Venue

  • Visit your venue during the day.
  • Meet the manager to go over details.
  • Enquire about the available staff.
  • Enquire about the venue’s security.
  • Confirm dates and times
  • Have a written contract.

It’s awesome coming together. So why waste the moments when you can use our checklist and have fun with friends and family?

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