Checklist For Unemployment

Losing a job isn’t easy. Nonetheless, it is important that we respond well to the whole experience. This checklist should be of help.


  • Maintain professionalism during your termination process.
  • Ask your employer politely when to expect your final paycheck.
  • Find out from your employer when your insurance benefit will end.
  • Ask the employer whether they will provide a severance package.
  • Start out and look for another job.


  • Talk to your loved ones.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Find help from the right people.
  • Look at the housing alternatives to cut costs.
  • Apply for the right energy assistance programs
  • Find alternative cheaper energy sources.
  • Look for the other employment programs/services.
  • Polish your resume.
  • Work and tweak your network once again contacting all.


  • Prepare a manageable household budget
  • Try to save what you can.
  • Lower monthly bills
  • Negotiate with your vendors.
  • Lower your utilities by using energy saving steps.
  • Determine other income generation activities.
  • Cancel any unnecessary bills or other memberships.
  • Notify all your creditors that you lost your job.


  • Meet with your attorney
  • Review your termination
  • Review your severance package
  • Don’t sign severance package without reading it first with the attorney.
  • Contact your savings planner

With this checklist, you should be able to get all your needs under check in a short while once you lose your job. Take your time to follow it through.

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