Checklist for Travel Agent

Taking a vacation anytime soon? Here is the best checklist that you can use to get the best travel agent.

Selecting A Travel Agent

  • Type: Are you looking for someone with a specialty say on cruises or a jack of all trades?
  • Recommendations: Ask loved ones who travel for recommendations.
  • Online: Choose a travel agent in the net or online to save time/ cost.
  • Research: Look through the local agencies.
  • References: Ask agencies for current clients that you may contact.
  • Company Profile: Check the credentials including history/ experience.
  • Choose: Call only agencies that you’ve chosen through your research.
  • Review all rates: Helps to gauge the comfort level you had with each.

 Meeting With A Travel Agent

  • Know your destination and when.
  • Choose the mode of transportation.
  • Determine your best realistic budget.
  • Talk to an agent about your main plans
  • Take with you written details.
  • See if they have offers such as upgrades and coupons.
  • Ask which services they charge.
  • Determine how much it will cost you.
  • Check if insurance is offered.
  • Ask if they are available 24 hours a day.
  • Read all the paperwork carefully before signing.

A Good Travel Agent

  • Asks to outline your trip.
  • Be well experienced
  • Be good at listening
  • Have a professional training
  • Is open and honest
  • Gladly put together a sample tour.
  • Will describe availabilities
  • Will consider your needs first

From transportation, accommodations, to finding the estimated costs, a great travel agent will have your back covered. Start with this checklist to get the very best agent.

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