Checklist For Staff-Induction

Make your new staff comfortable at work. Give them a great induction to their new role. Here is a simple checklist to save your day.


  • Work Desk: Organise computer, chair, door, phone, desk, name tag.
  • Check that workstation is ergonomic.


  • Demonstrate use of telephone, voicemail.
  • Notify switchboard of employee’s details.
  • Establish an e-mail address.
  • Introduce them to local IT support staff.
  • Advise on external/internal mailing process, stationery supplies.


  • Show location of emergency exits
  • Give them a tour of assembly point
  • Provide them with emergency information and procedures.
  • Show the location of light switches, toilets, coat lockers, food outlets.
  • Explain all the parking regulations/locations.

Working Conditions

  • Timeline: Explain start and finish times
  • Breaks: Show tea and lunch breaks, flexi-time, paydays
  • Visiting: Show visitors’ procedures.
  • Provide a list of names, titles, and positions of significant people.
  • Introduction: Take them around to colleagues.
  • Assign a work colleague to “look after” the new employee.

Safety And Security

  • Explain health and safety policies
  • Explain all confidentiality and security standards.
  • Explain the hazard, incident, and illness reporting procedures.
  • Introduce the key environment and safety of persons.

 Job Performance

  • Discuss position and description.
  • Discuss performance expectations
  • Discuss standards and measurements.
  • Discuss performance and development framework.
  • Discuss probationary and process/code of conduct.
  • Discuss all the relevant work hazards.

Make sure your new employee settles down in their new role easily. Give them a great induction with this checklist.

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