Checklist for Skiing

Planning on going skiing? Here is the easiest checklist to help you get prepared in the best way.


  • Skiing lessons: get an instructor /to enroll in a training club
  • Equipment: Buy/ Hire/ Rent equipment in good condition including skiing shoes, skates, among others.
  • Experience: Know your level and play by the rules
  • Clubs: Enroll in clubs so you don’t go out alone.


  • Skis
  • Poles
  • Boots
  • Bindings


  • Helmets: protecting your head
  • Coats: keeping warm
  • Gloves: protecting hand
  • Pants: keeping snow off your body
  • Goggles: protecting your eyes

Things To Taking

  • Communication: Mobile phones
  • Food: Eating when you feel hungry
  • Sunscreen: To protect skin again sun damage
  • Identification: Example driver’s license and passport
  • First aid: For emergencies
  • Directions/compass: For direction and locations

Safety Tips

  • Stay in contact with others
  • Keeping hydrated.
  • Keeping together
  • Check equipment every time
  • Check weather conditions
  • Search and Rescue

Skiing is a great and highly memorable sport. However, it is very important that you prepare well if you want to get the best experience out there. This checklist will help you to hit the road fast!

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