Checklist For Short Workout

It’s time to keep your body fit the easy way. Get the easy solution. Use this simple checklist to get the best fit.

Get A Physical

  • Visit your doctor’s office
  • Get a medical check-up.
  • Find out any fitness activities to avoid.
  • Get a yardstick for measuring progress.

Getting Started

  • Plan: Create a workout plan.
  • Schedule: Get instructions on proper workout techniques.
  • Trainer: Get a personal trainer for introductory sessions.
  • Equipment: Learn proper handling of exercise equipment.
  • Tracker: Get heart rate monitor/ stay within your targets.


  • Warm up first.
  • Practice proper breathing techniques.
  • Begin with low to moderate activity.
  • Gradually increase the duration and intensity
  • Include a variety of sports / exercises in fitness routine.
  • Always keep hydrated
  • Immediately stop working if you experience severe pain or swelling
  • Always cool down (slow down and stretch) at the end of routine.
  • Schedule recovery days and make sure your body has ample rest.

Keeping your body is great shape is good for your immunity. It also boosts your endurance. Use this checklist to get the best results in a simple way.

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