Checklist for Roommate

Here is a simple checklist to help you choose the best roommate to share your apartment with.

Choosing A Roommate

  • Decide what person you would like
  • Go with gender, hobbies, or character e.g male or female, smoker or nonsmoker, younger, older, or the same age.
  • Use the close network to find a reliable/ suitable person.
  • Make sure your potential roommate is legit.
  • Get a sense of a potential roommate’s finances.
  • Invite potential roommates for an interview.


  • Communicate openly
  • Be honest with each other.
  • Decide how you handle rent
  • Determine how to address utility payments.
  • Agree on handling cleaning responsibilities.
  • Decide on how to handle messages/ emails.
  • Decide on whether to share household supplies or not.

 When Expectations Are Not Met

  • Stay calm.
  • Schedule house meeting.
  • List what you want to address
  • Talk to one another
  • Come to an agreement.
  • Look at what to do differently.
  • Communicate face-to-face/ over the phone.
  • Confront issues bothering you ASAP.

Once You Move In

  • Decide how will be responsible for calling the landlord
  • In case of any problems with the house determine solutions
  • Decide whether to give notice if you will be having visitors.
  • Decide if guests can stay overnight.
  • Decide on how to address cleaning responsibilities.
  • Agree on smoking, drinking, and drug use.
  • Agree on how to label “common areas” rooms.
  • Set guidelines in line with private spaces.
  • Decide who shares a key to your apartment.
  • Decide on whether to share clothing, music, dishes and other items.
  • Communicate with each other.

It is important that you have a great roommate and that the relationship is also smooth. This checklist just gave you the best way to start off.

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