Checklist For Renters Insurance

Do you want the best renter’s insurance for your personal needs? This checklist will give you everything that you need.

Types Of Rental Insurance

  • Coverage for Personal Possessions
  • Liability Protection
  • Additional Coverage and Living Expenses

Coverage For Personal Possessions

  • Take a Home Inventory
  • Make sure your insurance covers all of your personal possessions
  • Make sure the insurance covers burglary, fire, / other covered disaster.
  • Update your home inventory regularly
  • Take a straight policy
  • Take time to understand disaster coverage
  • Find the best deductible

Other/Supplemental Coverage

  • Flood and Earthquakes
  • Valuable
  • Home Business
  • Off-Premise Coverage
  • Additional Living Expenses

Liability Protection

  • Lawsuits
  • No-fault medical coverage
  • Umbrella liability

 Discounts On Renter’s Insurance May Apply If You:

  • Have multiple policies under same insurer
  • Have a home security system
  • Use the smoke detectors
  • Use deadbolt on locks
  • Have good personal credit
  • Stay with same insurer

There you have it. The easy way to get the best renter’s insurance for you and your loved ones. Thanks to this checklist you have a great place to start off.

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