Checklist for Rental Walk through

Before you choose to rent any home, it is important that you inspect the home. Use this simple checklist to help you have the best inspection.


  • Check each room
  • Focus on flooring material/ condition.
  • Make notes of rips, stains, peels, or excessive wear.
  • Check for problems with edges, grout, or tearing of floor material.
  • Check for marks, cracks, chips, or holes in walls or ceiling
  • Look closely for nail holes.
  • Check for stains in the paint
  • Look for an indication of water damages.
  • Check for scratches on the cabinets
  • Check for scratches on door jambs, closets, trim, and doors
  • Check if cabinets are clean and in good shape
  • Check if closet doors open and shut properly,
  • Check if sinks and faucets work
  • Determine if lights are in proper working order.
  • Test all fixtures/ make sure they work.
  • Check appliances (dishwasher or microwave) find out if they work.
  • Check for broken, discolored or missing tiles.

With this checklist, you will have the best apartment to move it to. Feel free to add anything that we might have left out and shared the checklist too.

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