Checklist for Property Inspection

Don’t spend your money on a wasted property. With these tips on our checklist, you can easily inspect a property alone and buy the best one.

Property Exterior – Structural Safety

  • Foundation: Watch for cracked, wet, or badly leaning structure.
  • Ask a foundation repair specialist to help in checking it out.
  • Roof: Make sure the roof has no signs of leaks. It should be flashing.
  • Watch out for intact and no missing shingles.
  • Ask a roof expert inspect it if for signs of water damage or leaks.
  • Deck/porch: Inspect supporting beams for rot or insect damage.
  • Flooring: Must be even. It should be properly nailed or screwed down.
  • Railing: Must be intact.

Property Exterior – Maintenance

  • Trees: Pruned and neatly trimmed trees and flowers
  • Siding: Well-maintained sidings and balcony gardens if any.
  • Doors/ Windows: Must be lockable with no signs of damages.

 Property Exterior – Appearance

  • Lawn: Trimmed
  • Paint: Clean with no stains
  • Fencing: In place and with no damages

 Property Interior – Structural

  • Ceiling: No water damages / cool and neat color
  • Floors: Evenly placed with a neat finish
  • Support beams: If any makes sure they are stable with no rot.
  • Insulation: To keep any form of overheating/ noises away.

Property Interior – Maintenance

  • Plumbing: Inspect for any signs of rust or leaks
  • Electrical: Watch out for open cables
  • Floors: Must be polished with no cracks or damages
  • Windows: make sure window panes are all intact with latches
  • HVAC: Should be working and must be able to regulate temps
  • Fireplace: Functional for the cold winter temperatures

 Property Interior – Appearance

  • Walls: Neat coats of paints
  • Cabinets/counters: Lockable with no cracks or peeled paint
  • Doors: Must all be lockable with latches intact
  • Pests: Watch out for any sign of pets

This checklist is great for anyone who is buying a property and also one who is owning property and needs to maintain it at the most valuable scale.

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