Checklist for Product Launch

Are you planning on launching a new product on the market? Use this checklist to make sure that your plan is indeed very successful.


  • Buyers’ Market: Determine the presence of a market for the product or software
  • Potential partners/affiliates: Are there people you can work together with?
  • Compete or COMPLETE: Are there businesses in the market or are you alone?
  • Competing products: What products offer the same services?
  • Price of competing products: What is your pricing compared to similar products?
  • Keyword Discovery (Searches per Month): How often do people search for the product?
  • Keyword Competition: How competitive is the keyword?

Site Setup

  • Expert: Do you have an experienced hand to help you set up?
  • Easy to Navigate: Is your website easy to find information on?
  • Photos: Are the product photos really clear?
  • Ranking: Where does the site rank?

Content Creation

  • Create the best content about the product.
  • Focus on the problems that the product will solve
  • Focus on what the product is offering that’s different
  • Get original content about the product/ don’t duplicate
  • Provide the most ideal information about your product

Product Creation

  • Determine how the product will be packaged
  • Choose where to do the pilot
  • Have a small group test and respond on the product


  • Market the product
  • Advertise on the product
  • Promote customers to leave reviews
  • Use posters, billboards, social media pages, and emails

Conversion Tactics

  • Carry out analytics
  • Determine what your conversion rates are
  • Determine potential return on investments

Launching a product need you to be patient and to have your facts right. The choice of a checklist will easily guide you and provide you with the best pointers.

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