Checklist for Pre-Gym

The pre-gym workout is very important. In this checklist, we give you some of the best tips for a pre-gym workout.

Pre-Workout Preparation

  • Have a workout journal
  • Write down and record your lifts.
  • Eat small meal 45-60 minutes before warm-ups.
  • Take pre-workout drink 30 minutes before warm-ups.
  • Take pre-workout supplements.
  • Gather all your gym clothes.
  • Gather every workout equipment; wrist straps, heart rate monitor, lifting belt, and stopwatch.
  • Prepare a workout drink.
  • Listen to motivational tunes while headed to the gym.


  • Warm up for at least 5 minutes and at most10 minutes
  • Review your workout schedule.
  • Determine what you what to accomplish before starting up.
  • Keep same intensity for every single workout you choose.


  • Cool down
  • Stretch for at least 15 minutes each time.
  • Reflect on your immediate performance.
  • Figure out how and why you did better/ worse
  • Make notes.
  • Try to take your time to relax.

It is simple really, and thanks to our simple checklist you can now have the best experience by simply focusing on the most vital aspects of your training.

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