Checklist for Pool

Keep your swimming pool safe. Use this checklist to give your swimming pool the perfect design.

The Fence

  • Keep at least 4 ft high.
  • Make sure fence has no gap or space that’s larger than 100mm.
  • Keep the fence with a netting, mesh, or trellis design
  • Keep netting holes at most 10mm or less
  • Maximum fence height should be up to 6 ft high.

The Rails

  • Keep rails on the poolside.
  • Keep rails more than 900mm apart.
  • Make sure rails are not climbable

The Gates And Doors

  • Ensure the doors open away from the swimming pool.
  • Give them an automatic shutting mechanism (self-locking).
  • Have latches
  • Keep latches at least 5 ft high.
  • Install locking bolts for ranch-sliders with pool access

Above Ground Pools

  • Have at least a set of removable steps.
  • Have their walls situated higher than 4 ft.

Safety Tips

  • Maintain the fence often
  • Maintain the gate regularly.
  • Shut the pool gate behind you every time you leave.
  • Keep instructions for other adults on the same.
  • Never have any objects near the pool’s fence
  • Keep anything that children can climb or stand on away.
  • Learn first aid tips
  • Get the right pool emergency response tactics.
  • Install non-slip surface all-round the pool.
  • Never leave children unattended

Keep your pool area clear and store any flotation aids and toys every time they aren’t being used; but more importantly, make use of this comprehensive checklist.

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