Checklist For Plan A Class Reunion

There is the best way to plan a class reunion and relieve the moments. This checklist sums it all up. So why not make use of it?

Class Reunion Planning

  • Lead Group: Form a reunion committee.
  • Officials: Elect a reunion chairperson and treasurer.
  • Support Groups: Create subcommittees to carry out specific tasks.
  • Meetings: Schedule regular reunion committee meetings to plan.
  • Planner: Consider working with a reunion planning specialist.
  • Collect Ideas: Survey classmates for ideas.
  • Review: Brainstorm the initial plans.
  • Budget: Decide how much you will spend
  • Venue and date: Choose a date and location.
  • List: Create list of all class alumni
  • Communicate: Contact them with the details of the reunion.
  • Go Online: Start a reunion website.
  • Set Objectives: Develop an agenda for the event.
  • Entertainment: Plan for music and DJs.
  • Photo Session: Hire a photographer or videographer.
  • Menu/ Food: determine cuisine and hire a caterer.

You should also:-

  • Determine and arrange for additional activities.
  • Arrange for any liability insurance that’s required.
  • Work out lodging arrangements for the out-of-town guests.
  • Pay up all required deposits on reservations.
  • Develop the best registration process (online).
  • Publicize the entire event.
  • Create the name tags of guests.
  • Plan and purchase the decorations.
  • Purchase a gift for the school
  • Arrange for event staffing.
  • Create old photo slide show.

The fun doesn’t have to die out. With this checklist you will exhaust every angle and ideally enjoy all the fun. Feel free to add what we left out!

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