Checklist for Overseas Travel

Are you planning on an overseas’ trip anytime soon? Use this checklist to get the most memorable traveling time overseas.

Before You Go

  • Research: On the destination location before your trip.
  • Contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Get the best travel advice for the place you plan on visiting.
  • Purchase a guide: To get information for the places you are visiting.
  • Read up on local laws: Include the customs and places of interest.
  • Contact an Agent: Get a travel agent for more information.
  • Contact Doctor: Find out if there are any vaccinations needed.
  • Get information: Helps to stay on point while traveling.
  • Passport: Check your passport and make sure it is valid.
  • Photocopy: Take original passport copy and leave a copy at home (use a trusted friend or family member).
  • Visas: Make inquiries before your planned departure.
  • Medical insurance: Get a comprehensive cover before the trip.
  • International Driving Permit: Determine if needed to drive at your destination.
  • Check with your bank: Determine if credit card and ATM facilities are available in the countries of destination.
  • Travelers’ cheques: Find out if you need to purchase.
  • Emergency funds: Decide on how to access them if need be.
  • Know your itinerary and budget before leaving
  • Book your flights: Do it way before the date of travel.
  • Book your hotels: Ask your travel agent to help.
  • Book your transportation including cars, train, and bus.
  • Book any sightseeing in advance.
  • Set up mail specifically for the trip.
  • Arrange for your house to be watched while you are away.
  • Turn off appliances/utilities.

On Trip Tips

  • Make sure your passport is safe at all times.
  • Advise your family and friends on your travel plans.
  • Determine the location of your nearest Embassy.
  • Obey the local laws at all times.
  • Contact home frequently or if near a major disaster.

Feel free to add in anything that we have left out, plus use every tip that we have given you here. With the right combination, you will have a blast in no time.

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