Checklist For Outdoor Furniture

Want to give your patio a befitting facelift? Get cool outdoor furniture for it. Use this checklist to get the best design.

Selecting Your Outdoor Furniture

  • Budget: Figure out what you want to spend.
  • Location: Know the landscape of your yard (size).
  • Design: Do you want stackable or foldaway furniture?
  • Style: Determine your luxury level
  • Use: Determine how the patio furniture will be used.
  • Material: What type of material? It determines maintenance requirements.
  • Hue: Decide on a color theme.
  • Traffic: How many people will sit at the table?
  • Toppings: Do you want cushions on the chairs?

Buying Your Outdoor Furniture

  • Test: Sit in the chairs (get a feel for fit and comfort).
  • Size: Ensure seat’s height is right for the table height.
  • Space: Ensure table is designed to legs plenty of clearance.
  • Match: Check if armrests are matched to the table height.
  • Comfort: Make sure armrests are designed for comfort.
  • Spacious: Ensure seats are roomy from front to back.

More Tips

  • Ensure cushions fit
  • Have ample padding.
  • Wood furniture has closely fitted joints.
  • Welded joints to be neatly done and unobtrusive.
  • Painted surfaces should be uniform
  • No sharp, unfinished edges on metal furniture.
  • Furniture is designed that nuts and bolts hold
  • Cap bolt heads

Maintenance Tips

  • Hose down plastic outdoor wicker: It removes airborne dust and dirt.
  • Keep water away: Saves genuine wicker.
  • Check: Unfinished teak weathers to a silvery gray.
  • Apply teak oil: Preserves teak’s rich, golden-brown color.
  • Paint: For Steel and wrought iron (prevents dust).
  • Cover the furniture: Keeps rain/rust away.

You don’t have to worry anymore. This is the best checklist for patio furniture. Use it to get the top outdoor furniture designs.

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