Checklist For Office Party

Planning on having an office party? You’d love to have an event to remember. Use this checklist to help.

Planning An Office Party

  • Be the Organizer: Choose to run seen as you had envisioned.
  • Create the Lead: Pull in employees to create a committee.
  • Suggestion Box: Create a short questionnaire and let employees solicit ideas.
  • Budget: Decide on how much you’re going to spend.
  • Guests: Decide if it’s an employee only/ employee and guest/ employee family event.
  • Food: Determine menu
  • Venue: Determine location, entertainment, and decorations.
  • Time: Set the date, time, and place for your party.
  • Activities: Schedule some entertainment to break the ice.
  • Invite: Send out invitations (four weeks in advance).
  • Reminders: Send reminder emails / post flyers on boards.
  • Request RSVP’s to attend.
  • Everyone: Ensure employees that work off-site attend.
  • Security: Ensure the security of everyone plus the business.

The Day Before The Party

  • Pick up rental equipment, tables, etc.
  • Coordinate arrangements with caterer/helpers.
  • Place a Welcome Sign at entrance.

Office Party Day

  • Put up party directional signs
  • Decorate Party Room.
  • Coordinate set-up, service, and cleanup.
  • Prepare and arrange food.
  • Have fun!

From simple office parties to end year parties, this awesome checklist will leave you with the fun you need. Good luck!

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