Checklist For Office Ergonomics

Time to make yourself comfy in your office; get your office ergonomics right and have a great workday. Here is a checklist to help.

Chair Adjustment

  • Your chair’s height adjustable.
  • Your chair supports the lower back.
  • There is room between front edge of chair seat and back of the knees.
  • You can easily work without interference from the chair’s arms.
  • You are able to keep your arms in comfortable position when using the keyboard or mouse.
  • Your feet rest flat on the floor and footrest.
  • When you sit upright your thighs are approximately parallel to floor.
  • Your chair has upright locking feature.

Keyboard Adjustment

  • Your keyboard and mouse are almost at elbow height.
  • Your arms are near your trunk rather than stretched out before you.
  • There is an inch of clearance between the bottom of your work surface and top of your thighs.

 Monitor Adjustment

  • Your monitor is more-or-less in front of your keyboard
  • Don’t put monitor off to the side of keyboard.
  • The viewing distance to your monitor is at least 18 inches.
  • The top of the computer’s screen is below eye level.
  • Your computer’s monitor is protected from excess glare.

 Workstation Accessories

  • Primary work materials are located in front of you.
  • Frequently accessed items are easy to reach.
  • Document or copy holder to be available.

 Work Habits

  • Move your hands away from the keyboard
  • Keep away from the mouse.
  • Take short and frequent breaks.
  • Avoid end-of-year or end-of-cycle ‘crunches’
  • Don’t postpone rather work sooner to avoid pile up.

It feels really awesome to get the most comfortable office space for your personal use. Let this simple checklist save your day.

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