Checklist for Maid Service

A good maid will provide you with the help that you need around your home. That’s why you need to be very careful when choosing your maid. Use this checklist to get the right person.

Choosing A Maid Service

  • Decide the type you need: Do you want to hire an individual or service?
  • Outline the Duties: Have a clearly outlined job description ready for them.
  • Payment: Decide what your budget is going to be and get someone along the same.
  • Scout: Check the local yellow pages and the internet; or even local bulletin boards for the best candidates.
  • Ask Friends: Get recommendations from your loved ones (friends and family members).
  • Interview: Don’t let anyone slip through instead make sure all candidates are interviewed.
  • Background check: Perform background and references check.
  • Ask what they Can Do: Ask the maids what jobs they are willing to do.
  • Insurance: Check whether the maid is bonded/insured.
  • Talk to their last employer over the phone.
  • Timing: How long will they be working every day? Settle timing with the maid before hiring their services.

Hiring A Maid Service

  • Have maid service come for a trial on small chores.
  • Be at home to supervise the trial
  • Negotiate with them at a better price.
  • Provide supervision and any feedback.
  • Don’t hesitate to fire anyone who isn’t competent

Your home is your haven. Your loved ones are your top responsibility. Make sure you get them the best maid services using this comprehensive checklist!

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