Checklist for Landlord

Are you in the property market already or are you planning to just get in? In case you are a landlord this checklist will help you to perform much more efficiently. Take a look.

Letting Out A Property

  • Register: Get registered as a landlord.
  • Inform lenders: A mortgage lender should top your list.
  • Know Rules: Check any tax implications that may arise.
  • Install enough smoke detectors.
  • Bring qualified electrician to inspect portable appliance testing.
  • Arrange for a periodic electrical inspection report.
  • Arrange for a Gas Safety check and certification.
  • Inspect for the property for Repairing Standard purposes.
  • Compile the entire inventory and take the meter readings.
  • Arrange for an Energy Performance Certification.
  • Advertise for a new tenant.
  • Arrange viewings (seek permission of current tenant if any)
  • Check the tenant’s references and details.

 Short Assured Tenancy

  • Give your tenant a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate.
  • Inform the tenant of the Repairing Standard Rights.
  • Arrange the best payment option for rent, deposit, and other fees
  • Inform the Council Tax of the tenant’s details.
  • Complete the lease agreement or the Key Agreement form.
  • Hand over all the keys to the tenant.
  • Tour property with the tenant and show them stopcock and meters.
  • Inform them of how to report any repairs and emergencies.

End Tenancy

  • Arrange with your tenant a checkout inspection
  • Allow your tenant to vacate if everything is in order
  • Get all the keys to the house locks back.
  • Refund the tenant’s deposit where applicable.
  • Prepare property (renovate, paint, or repair) for re-letting.

In order for your property to remain in top shape, you should use this spot on a checklist to help you with every ideal decision. Good luck and thank us later!

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