Checklist for Irrigation

Give your firm the best irrigation system. This checklist will help you in laying the best foundation for your next irrigation scheme.

Irrigation Design

  • Site Visit: Visit the site and study the topography and layout.
  • Design for Sprinklers: Account for plant growth. Include trees and shrubs.
  • Type: Choose between placing the sprinklers and micro-irrigation.
  • Control: Ensure the irrigation design prevents spraying onto streets, driveways, entrances, sidewalks, and parking areas.
  • Space Up Sprinklers: Design sprinkler heads spacing with a minimum of the “head-to-head” area.
  • Control Water Levels: Use different watering sprinkler areas with different uses and water needs.
  • Regulate Runoff: Work with a great design to prevent surface runoff.
  • Save Water: Drip irrigation where appropriate to save water.

Irrigation Installation And Testing

  • Work with Experts: Expert local utility company will help in locating underground cables, gas, telephone, or electric lines.
  • Review: Discuss and make any necessary changes with your irrigation system designer.
  • Create a Plan: Make the best irrigation system map to design along.
  • Time: Set the clock for the best day and time of the week.
  • Inspect: Once laid you should check for any leaks.

 Inspect System

  • Repair and replace broken or missing rotor heads.
  • Replace faulty spray heads and drip emitters.
  • Inspect all heads to see if they pop-up and fully retract if water is turned off.
  • Check and clear blocked sprinkler.
  • Sprinklers may be blocked by grass, plants, and any other obstacles.
  • Set sprinklers on a vertical position.
  • Check if the pressure is right.
  • Clean or even replace any clogged nozzles
  • Clean sprinkler’s trash screen in case it has one.
  • Make sure every head direct water to the landscape.

With this checklist, you will be able to give your landscape the best irrigation system. Share to help many others.

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