Checklist for iPod For Storage

It’s the age of smart devices and your iPod is just another top rated device that you can depend on if you want to store your files. Use this checklist to get the best storage experience.

Use Your iPod For Storage

  • Create files and store in your iPod
  • Create folders and categorize your files.
  • Ensure the space is enough
  • Configure your iPod with your PC to make your work easy.
  • Put the files you have marked for transfer in one folder.

 Necessary Tools

  • Your iPod
  • The iPod USB cord
  • The computer/laptop
  • Files (iPod music files, movies, videos, and files).

 Set Up

  • Open iTunes.
  • Double-click the iTunes icon
  • It brings you to the iTunes screen.
  • If you don’t have iTunes installed, access Apple’s website to download.
  • Connect the iPod USB cord to the computer and one end to your iPod.
  • A flashing message comes on your iPod screen
  • Do not disconnect your iPod.

Configure Your iPod

  • The iPod will appear on the computer screen.
  • Click on it
  • Select “Enable disk use”
  • Your iPod can now be used as a regular storage device.

 Close Itunes

  • Once the iPod is configured, close iTunes.
  • Don’t disconnect the iPod.
  • You can now launch the iPod drive.

  Access The iPod Drive

  • Click on the iPod icon on the computer’s screen.
  • Or access “My Computer”
  • Click the Start button (the startup pane comes up)
  • Click “My Computer,”
  • Then click on iPod drive icon

 Transferring Files

  • Locate the folder with your files.
  • Right-clicking to highlight.
  • Select Copy (CTRL+C) to highlight files.
  • Go to destination folder
  • Right-click destination folder
  • Select Paste (CTRL+V) to save files in the selected folder

You can also drag-and-drop method.

Disconnecting Your iPod

  • Eject the device from the computer
  • Right-click on the iPod icon
  • Select “Eject.”
  • Carefully unplug the device from your computer.

It’s time to access your files now. Simply connect your iPod to the computer, click on the iPod icon from the start menu, and click on the files that you intend to use or view.

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