Checklist For Help Desk Software Evaluation

Do you want a faster way to address your customer’s concerns? The help desk software might just be your best bet. Here is a smart checklist that will assist you to evaluate the help desk software in an easy way.

Customer Base

  • Location: Where are your customers located?
  • Tech Savvy: What is your customer’s overall technical aptitude?
  • Communication Medium: Which channels work best for them?
  • Motivation: Can they seek the answers on their own first?
  • Size: What is the exact number of your customers?

 Current Help Desk Operations

  • Location: How does your staff work? On-site or off-site, or both?
  • Tech savvy: What is the technical aptitude of your employees?
  • Workflow: What changes can you make to improve efficiency?
  • Knowledge Base: Do you have a repository of helpful content?
  • Rates: What is the number of “help tickets” processed in a month?
  • Reporting: Who may need access to all your activity reports?
  • Current Software System: What are the system’s strengths/ weaknesses

Software Selection And Implementation Project

  • Budget: What is the cost of making the software operational?
  • Timeline: How long will it take you to finish?
  • Staff Availability: How much time can you dedicate to upgrading the system?
  • Decision Making: Who will evaluate the software systems?
  • Service Disruption: Can you or your business tolerate an interruption on upgrades?

Potential Help Desk Software Solutions

  • Initial Cost: How much will it cost to license the software?
  • Training: What’s the cost of training the pilot team?
  • Expandability: Can users be added at no extra cost?
  • Technology: Is it hosted, or do you need servers and IT staff?
  • Update path: Does license include all updates?
  • Reporting: Is the reporting what you actually need?
  • Integration: Can software work with digital applications
  • Workflow: Will you how you do business?
  • Trial: How long do you plan on using the trial version?
  • Migration: Can you import an existing system to new software

Use help desk software and give your customer’s a timely solution to their problems every day!

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