Checklist For Golf

Playing golf with pals can be a pretty cool way to pass your time. Here is the best checklist to help you with your preparation for your next golfing game.


  • Lessons: Get the right golfing lessons. Choose a golf club
  • Experience: Work with experienced and pro players.
  • Driving ranges: Get down to specifics and learn tricks
  • Equipment: Choose and put together your golfing equipment.
  • Join a course or club: Take a theory class for more perspective
  • Exercise: Keep your body fit by working out regularly.


  • Clubs: Get the six types of golf clubs for your shots.
  • Golf Bag: Have a carry on caddy bag for your equipment.
  • Tees: Buy tees to perfectly position the very first shots.
  • Covers: Choose the right covers for your use.
  • Divot repair tool: You may need to have a quick fix.
  • Cart: To help you move around easily.

 Things To Taking

  • Sunscreen: To keep you safe from sunburns
  • Insect repellent: To keep all irritating insects away
  • Water bottles: for quick hydration
  • Cell phone: For a quick call
  • Granola bars

 Clothing To Wear

  • Caps
  • Shorts
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Shoes


  • Weather: Check the weather
  • Safety in numbers: Don’t play alone
  • Staying hydrated: Have your water bottle ready

With this checklist, your game of golf should be nothing but an enjoyable experience. Try it out right away!

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