Checklist for Funerals

No one wants to lose the people they love, but death is inevitable and once in a while we bid farewell to our departed. Painful as it is, it’s important that we do everything right. Here is the best checklist for any funeral.

Notify the Responsible Authorities

  • This includes notifying the police and should be done if death occurs outside the hospital or nursing home.
  • The authorities will notify the relatives and next of kin.
  • They may also call the funeral home for the ideal schedule.

Contact the Funeral Home

  • Discuss and determine who will take responsibility for all the funeral expenses for the purposes of billing.
  • Get a funeral director.

Responsibilities of the Funeral Director

  • Help you with the planning process.
  • Help to determine best method for burying/ interring the body including cemetery land with deed, type of vault, and mausoleum.
  • Select the casket such as Wood, Metal, Cardboard (cremation) – Urn and determine if it will be open/ closed.
  • Enlighten you more on the burial laws.
  • Determine the best burial attire
  • Choose the best jewelry including union and association membership pins, watches, earrings, necklaces, tie tacks, cuff links, etc.

Funeral Services

  • If you need a funeral service, consider when it will be done: (before/after burial or cremation) and where it will be held: (funeral home, church/temple/mosque or graveside).
  • Decide on obituary and publication journals (local, print, and internet)
  • Decide on the type of flower arrangements (for the family, relatives, and well-wishers).
  • Casket Spray
  • Lid arrangements
  • Matching baskets
  • Specialty pieces (floral hearts, crosses, and bible)
  • Pictures/ Photos
  • Decide on who delivers eulogy
  • Consider deceased special accomplishments (Athletic, Political, and Religious)
  • Print cards
  • Arrange for pallbearers
  • Choose funeral tunes, songs, and music
  • Arrange gravesite transportation
  • Choose a grave marker (engraved stones)
  • Choose whether to have a special gathering
  • Get accommodations

It’s painful to lose our loved ones. But what else can make us happier than to know their souls rest in peace than a good send off? Add your thoughts and let’s give our loved ones a befitting sendoff.

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