Checklist For Environmental Safety

Keeping the sick, senior people, children, and people with special needs safe require much more than just saying around them. You need to give them an environment that they can easily work on without necessarily injuring themselves. To get such an environment, these are what you should actually do.


  • Light bulbs should be the proper wattage for their fixtures.
  • Light bulbs should be replaced whenever they burn out.
  • A good number of floor and table lamps must be present in recreation and reading areas.
  • The light should always be aimed at the work, not at eyes.
  • Mirrors should be placed so that lighting doesn’t reflect off them and create glare.
  • There should be easily accessible light switches near all doors.
  • Lamp cords and electrical light wiring should be in good condition (properly insulated)
  • Lamps should be shaded to prevent objects from falling into contact with hot light bulbs.
  • Blinds, sheer curtains, or draperies should be used, for the adjustment of natural light.
  • Few chairs should be next to windows for reading or doing handcrafts in natural light.


  • Make sure that all cords are plugged in fully.
  • Make sure the wires are not frayed.
  • Ensure that cords don’t run through areas where people walk.
  • Keep appliances out of reach of children.
  • Label machines properly with safety instructions.

 Elimination Of Hazards

  • Replace worn carpeting and floor covering.
  • Do not wax floors; use non-skid, non-glare products to clean and polish floors.
  • Keep desk chairs and table chairs pushed in.
  • Make sure there are no wet floors on which a child can slip.
  • Make sure there are no wires, cables or uneven flooring to trip on.
  • Keep chemicals, drugs, sharp objects or any other dangerous equipment away from kids.


  • The outdoor environment should be fenced.
  • Ensure there are no poisonous or otherwise harmful plants accessible to the children.
  • A pool should be fenced and locked.
  • Make sure there is padded flooring or a sandbox for kids to play.
  • Play equipment should be checked for any sharp edges or choking hazards.

By adjusting the things that we have listed here, you will be able to save lives and also provide highly fulfilling lifestyles. These tips are useful and will leave you with a cool lifestyle for everyone around you who requires special care.

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