Checklist For Environment Self-Help

Are you planning on creating a form of environmental self-help? Well, keeping our environment safe is really important. Use this checklist to get started and make easy strides too.

  • Is the overall environment bright and welcoming
  • Are the premises accessible to all users
  • Are public areas tidy and well maintained
  • Are fire exits and fire extinguishers clearly signed
  • Is the First Aid station clearly signed
  • Are there private areas for meeting with clients
  • Are resources and services clearly labeled
  • Are they well organized and easy to access
  • Is there adequate workspace for the client’s use
  • Is there adequate space for group work
  • Is furniture attractive, comfortable and appropriate
  • Is lighting adequate and without glare
  • Are heating temperatures appropriate for the time of year
  • Is there adequate ventilation

Having a healthy and less polluted environment is really powerful. It is important that you support such causes. To do so, you must begin with your immediate environment. This checklist will help you to get the best springboard that you might need.

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