Checklist For Dji Mavic Pro Pre-Flight

It’s another windy (non-flying) day, so I thought I should spend some time this morning looking through a few checklists on DJI Support, youtube, and other helpful forums.

  • Check Parts – The parts you are using should only be genuine parts and should all be in mint condition.
  • Charge Status – Charge every related device. From the remote controller, intelligent flight battery, and the mobile device.
  • Check Camera – Keep your camera clear. It will help the gimbal to keep rotating freely before powering it on.
  • Check Propellers – Propellers should be securely mounted onto the motors, and check the motors to ensure that they can start and function normally.
  • Check Firmware – Ensure that the app and the aircraft’s firmware have all been upgraded to the latest versions.
  • Check Airspace – When flying, keep off the no-fly zones areas and make sure all the flight conditions are suitable for flying.
  • Pilot – Keep a clear head. Don’t fly under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substance that could impair your judgments.
  • Flight Mode – Be familiar with the selected flight mode and understand all safety functions and warnings.
  • Check Compliance – Make sure that you have observed all local regulations, obtain appropriate authorizations, and understand the risks.

It is very important that you have a smooth and enjoyable flight whenever the weather conditions allow you to. These tips – really, will give you the best experience every time you start off.

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