Checklist For Charity

Do you want to donate to charity? How do you know if the charity organization is a genuine one? Let our checklist give you the best clues.

Charity Check

  • Research: Don’t give to charities you know nothing about.
  • Request Literature: Ask for written literature and the charity’s latest annual report.
  • Exercise Caution: Be wary of new charities that spring up in connection with the current events or disasters.
  • Written information: Ask for written info about the charity
  • Address: Ask for and find the name, address, and telephone number.
  • Licensed: Check if that charity or fundraiser is registered.
  • Hasty Outfits: Be wary of charities that are quick to collect donations.
  • Names: Check similar sounding names and ensure you have the right name.

Your Donation

  • Ask: Find out who wants your money.
  • Inquire: If the organization is aware of the solicitation process
  • Authorization: Ask if the charity has authorized the use of its name.
  • Be Ready to Decline: Refuse any high-pressure appeals.
  • Breakdown: Ask how the donation you give is broken down in use.
  • Cash: Do not send or even give cash donations.
  • Credit Card: Don’t give your credit card numbers.
  • Receipt: Obtain a receipt / printed copy of the donation.
  • Determine what tax-exempt and tax-deductible mean.
  • Counter Check: Check records if you have doubts

It’s time to give generously and watch your donation touch lives. Nonetheless, it is important that you give cautiously tool. And this checklist gives you the best pointers.

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