Checklist For Charity Auction

In case you are organizing a charity auction, you’d love to get every buck that you can to support your noble cause. This checklist strives to help you in ensuring that you leave nothing out.

Before The Auction

  • Choose the right time for your auction.
  • Choose a professional auctioneer for your live auction.
  • If you run a small auction, use a volunteer.
  • Prepare the plan of auction that will available to guests when they arrive.
  • Increase your auction revenue by selling wine and cocktails, organizing lotteries.
  • Invite guests approximately 90 days before the event.
  • Send reminders at regular intervals to those who have sent their RSVP.
  • Prepare description cards for the host or auctioneer.
  • Purchase or rent a clear display case.
  • Obtain all necessary charity auction supply list items.
  • Make sure your auction packages are unique.
  • Try not to buy items that will be auctioned off.


  • Keep it as short as possible.
  • Make sure the first package is exciting and has a high probability of being sold for more than the established value.
  • Consider having someone in the audience willing to start the bidding on an item.
  • Start the minimum bids low – well below 50% of the value.
  • On the big ticket packages, check whether donors are willing to double their donation.
  • Use a raffle drum to select a winning bid.

A winning formula is what every successful auction needs. Choosing this complete checklist will give you an easy time. Wait no more. Use these tips and get a successful groundbreaking ceremony for your charity auction.

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