Checklist For Car Servicing

Car servicing is important. It is done to maximize the car’s performance and possibly to prolong the car’s lifespan. To get every vehicle system and component on the high a service is often necessary. Today, we take a look at the tires and wheels routine/scheduled maintenance.

Physical Condition Of The Tyres

  • When servicing your tires, mechanics will always remove and inspect the tires for physical wear and tear.

Tyre Pressure

  • The tire pressure must also be checked. This will be done to all your tires, including the spare tires, and need to be correctly inflated at all times

Wheel Alignment

  • Tires and wheels usually operate in tandem (irrespective of how well the tires are inflated) they won’t function properly unless they’re fitted to wheels that are fully aligned. Properly aligned wheels increase the tire life.

Wheel Balance

  • When the wheels aren’t correctly balanced, you might feel the vehicle shaking back and forth when driving at great speeds. Balancing the wheels will reduce a bumpy and unpleasant ride.

Tire Fitment

  • As mentioned earlier, tires and wheels operate in tandem thus they have to be properly fitted.

Make sure you listen to your car whenever you hit the road. Any funny noises should be attended to. More importantly, schedule routine maintenance and servicing to keep your car at the top performance.

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