Checklist For Car AC Maintenance

If you were going somewhere with your family and car’s AC suddenly stops then everyone gets to feel the heat. It could be worse in the summer time. That’s why it is important that before you hit the road you should always check your car’s AC so that if it doesn’t work properly, you can always repair it. Here are the tips for the best AC checkup.

DIY Check!

  • Check the AC gas. If there is a leakage you’ll need to fix it, and if the levels are down then it should be refilled before the trip.
  • Check the coolant. The coolant levels also affect the AC. If the coolant levels are low then it should be refilled too.
  • If air comes down from the AC’s, then the possibility is that the dust might be stored around the coil; which could affect the AC if left un-cleared.
  • If the compressor is dirt it won’t work properly. If the belt is loose or damaged the same thing will apply. Check the two fronts and maintain as expected.
  • Clean the radiator of the car. A dirty radiator overheats easily. Too much overheating might cause the AC may trip.

Vital AC maintenance tips

  • Make sure the car is clean always. Keep dust levels as low as you can. Do this to the front of the car mostly. In case you want to hit the dust out, use a blower or a vacuum cleaner.

When to Carry Out an AC Service

  • The best time is often during the summer time. So enjoy the whole summer time by making the right AC service in April.

You can also do your AC maintenances when you are servicing your car. This will give you an easy routine that is simple to follow. Make sure the AC gives you the best experience every time you choose to.

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