Checklist For Business Starter

Starting a business of your own may sound like an awesome undertaking, well, it is and with our checklist, it could be much more than just that.  You’re going to have a simple formula for working hard and committing to your core values in order to maximize your achievements. Here are our laid down tips to help.

Starting Basics

  • Choose a name for your company: The name should be in line with your type of business activities.
  • Research the industry: Have the facts and tips about the market you plan to enter in order to get the best experiences.
  • Write a business plan: This will guide your steps, help you to prioritize, and also track your progress.
  • Choose business hours of operation: Determine the off-peak and peak hours and also the time to take a rest too.
  • Outline a monthly and yearly budget: Don’t spend more than you are making.
  • Obtain required licenses and permits: To allow you to operate legally within the required laws.
  • Choose a legal form for your business: Scout for the types of business that your city supports.
  • Acquire a Federal Employer Identification Number: Allows you to employ workers of your own.
  • Find business insurance: In case of fires, robberies, or accidents you will be covered and entitles to compensation.
  • Find a lawyer: To advice, you on legal matters, represent you on legal issues, and to keep you updated with changes in operational laws.
  • Become familiar with regulations and compliance requirements.

 Financial Basics

  • Select an accounting system.
  • Make a plan to obtain funding/financing.
  • Open a bank account and a merchant account.
  • Select an accountant.
  • If you have staff, find payroll services.
  • If you will have employees, become familiar with labor laws.

Marketing Basics

  • Develop a business identity
  • Write and distribute a press release announcing your new business.
  • Register trademarks, copyrights, logos, patents, etc.
  • Purchase a domain name for your website.
  • Write a sales and marketing plan.
  • Find a web hosting company.
  • Create a website.

Starting a business is complicated – that’s true, but with the right advice you will find it to be quite an easy process. Use this business startup checklist to hit the road really fast.

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