Checklist For Bike Safety

Biking is a great way to move around, commute to work, have fun, and keep fit. However, your safety while riding your favorite bike is of utmost importance. We give you the best bike safety checklist to help.


If your bike is new, take it on a few short trips around the neighborhood before venturing into traffic or going on an extended ride

  • If your bike is of a certain age, check the tires for bald spots.
  • Clean your bike regularly after use.
  • Before setting off, put your helmet on and tighten the safety straps.
  • If you are planning a biking vacation with a backpack, choose a safe and perfect fit backpack for your rides
  • Before setting off, check the air in the tires and the tightness of the brakes.

Gear / Equipment

Use the best biking gears to keep safe in case of any eventuality including accidents, collision, and falls.

  • Bike: for the main ride
  • Sneakers: keep your feet warm and give you a comfortable pedaling experience.
  • Helmets: keeps your head safe in case of any falls
  • Sunglasses: keeps your eyes safe from the sun’s harsh UV rays.
  • Gloves: Prevents bruises around your hands in case of a fall/ keeps your hand warm
  • Knee and elbow guards: keep your knees and elbows from bruises in case of a fall

Things To Pack

  • ID: Used for identification in case you are involved in an accident/ tracking your physical address
  • Communication devices (phones): To keep in contact with your fellow riders in case you are lost.
  • Sunscreen: To prevent sunburns if you are riding under the summer’s heat
  • Warm clothing: To maintain your warmth during winter rides.

 Fix-It Kit

Just in case the bike breaks down, these will come in handy.

  • Spanner, spoke wrench and chain whip
  • Sandpaper, glue, and patch: rubbing the leak before patching
  • Sandpaper, glue, and patch: if you get a puncture in your tire, DIY fixing.
  • Air pump: Inflating the tire/ adding pressure on the tire.

Road Safety Tips

  • Street safety: indicate by hand, have a reflector, watch street light, remain alert.
  • Wear reflective gear: adds visibility on low lit areas/ weather
  • Ride in a single line: maintain your lane to prevent confusion
  • Baggage: carry a light baggage

Night Riding

  • Bright clothing
  • Reflectors
  • Reflective tape
  • Pay attention
  • Sobriety

Enjoy every moment as the airbrushes through your face. Ride your bike with easy and keep safe all through the thrill. This checklist is your best springboard.

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