Checklist for Baby Proof

You don’t want to expose your little angels to any harm around the house. In order to make sure your baby is safe around the house even when they crawl around, you don’t have to fix all the electric sockets. Rather, use this baby proof checklist.

Throughout The Home

  • Electrical outlets: Make sure all the electrical outlets are covered
  • Store all electrical wires: Cables, wires, and extensions.
  • Lock all windows: Use shutters on low windows to prevent falls.
  • Install baby gates: Easily restricts your baby’s movements.
  • Remove curtains: For proper lighting. You can also replace long curtains with short curtains that the baby cannot reach.
  • Blinds or Drapes: Tie up dangling pull cords or make sure your baby cannot reach them.
  • Organize: Clean and organize the room. Also, remove any items from the open areas and low-lying shelves
  • Guard fireplaces: This will keep the baby away from fire areas. Do the same to radiators or heaters using baby gates
  • Apply to pad to corners: Sharp corners (table/chair corners) that can hurt the baby should be padded.
  • Avoid tablecloths: These are slippered when held on to by the baby and could easily cause them to fall.
  • Use trash cans with secure lids: Keep the baby away and prevents them from accessing trash.
  • Plants: Place house plants on tall surfaces to keep them out of your baby’s reach/ avoid toxic plants such as poinsettias.


  • Cover stove knobs (use covers or locks).
  • Seal refrigerator and freezer doors
  • Install locks on all cabinets
  • Store plastic bags out of reach.
  • Lock away knives and sharp objects.


  • Cover pointed edges
  • Use soft edge guards.
  • Secure any tall furniture to walls – prevents toppling.
  • Place baby gates around furniture.
  • Push heavy equipment far back as possible.


  • Install locks on all cabinets.
  • Place locks on toilet seats
  • Place covers over the bathtub
  • Draw baths to below the baby’s waist height.
  • Never leave the baby unattended in the bath.


  • Secure the crib stuffed animals, pillows and blankets
  • Put locks on drawers and doors.
  • Secure the changing table
  • Lift window coverings.


  • Choose toys that are age-appropriate
  • Ensure that toys have no buttons, zippers or ribbons
  • Make sure toys aren’t too heavy for the baby to pick up.
  • Ensure they have no long cords or strings
  • Avoid small toys/toy fitting in your baby’s mouth

Babies begin to crawl around 8 months even though some may begin a little earlier. At this time you should be very keen. Never leave the baby unattended and use this checklist to keep them safe.

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