Checklist for Anniversary Ceremony at Home

Planning on hosting your anniversary part at home? It’s time to get everything right. Here is a checklist to help.

Planning a Party

  • Determine your budget: Saves impulse buying
  • Determine the number of people: Helps to budget and get a venue.
  • Determine the date: this sets the events rolling.
  • Decide size: Do you want to have a large or small ceremony?
  • Get the Venue: Shop around for a good deal from different party avenues.
  • Get a Planner: Let the experts lead the way and make things simple.

Ceremony at Home

  • Caterers: determine if you want a caterer
  • Book professionals: get caterers and florists as soon as you decide to.
  • Ask for Help: If cooking alone ask friends and family to assist.
  • Get your Cuisines: Plan your menu first.
  • Decide on a theme: get the style of the party
  • Accommodation: Contact hotels to negotiate a group rate for guests.
  • Send out invitations: at least 3 months in advance.
  • Decide if you want a photographer or a friend taking pictures.
  • Ask a close family member or friend to speak the toast.

It’s good to keep the memories alive and anniversary celebrations are some of the best ways to do so. Thanks to this checklist it simply got easy!

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