Checklist for A Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Bike Maintenance

The following checklist has all the necessary bike maintenance items and also the recommended maintenance frequency that is designed to give a recreational cyclist or commuter an outlined care and maintenance schedule for their bikes.

Before every ride:

  • Check tire air pressure: Make sure the pressure is at the recommended levels.
  • Check brakes and cables: Ensure there are no faulty cables. The braking system should be checked if working properly.
  • Be sure your crankset is tight: A crankset means great speeds, more efficiency, and a comfortable ride.
  • Be sure quick release hubs are tight: This is important if you want to avoid any forms of hub misgiving and also accidents.

After Every Ride:

  • Inspect tires: Look for glass, gravel shards, and cuts on the tread and also the sidewall.
  • Check brakes: Make sure the brakes aren’t faulty, there are no loose nuts, and that their response time is on point.
  • Clean the bike: It is important to clean and maintain mechanical parts. The recommended timeline is once a week or after every 200 miles.
  • Lubricate chain: A smooth ride that won’t give you so much strain lies on lubricating the bikes movable parts and more importantly the chain.

Once a Month:

  • Completely clean the bike
  • Clean the drivetrain if necessary
  • Inspect chain and freewheel
  • Measure the chain for wear and check for tight links (replace the chain if necessary).
  • Inspect and lubricate brake levers, derailleurs, and all cables
  • Inspect pedals and lubricate SPD style cleats.
  • Inspect tires for wear and replace if needed
  • Make sure that the following parts are tight. Tighten any loose parts:
  1. Stem binder bolt
  2. Handlebar binder bolt,
  3. Seatpost binder bolt,
  4. Seat fixing bolt,
  5. Crank bolts,
  6. Chainring bolts,
  7. Derailleur mounting bolts,
  8. Bottle cage bolts,
  9. Rack mounting bolts,
  10. Brake and derailleur cable anchors,
  11. Brake and shifter lever mounting bolts, Brake mounting bolts.

Every three months:

Inspect frame and fork: You should look out for paint cracks or bulges. These might indicate damage. Also, pay particular attention to frame joints.

Inspect for bent components: Take a close look at the seat rails, handlebars, chainrings, seat post, stem, brake calipers, crankarms, and brake levers.

Every Six Months:

Inspect and readjust bearings: Take a look at the bearings in the headset, hubs, pedals, and also the bottom bracket and adjust or replace what is necessary.


Do an overhaul: Disassemble and replace all bearings (if possible) and remove / if necessary replace brake and shift cables.

The maintenance schedule of any bike depends on how often it’s used and what condition it’s in. Constantly used bikes and off-road bikes will require more servicing.

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