Checklist for Before Takeoff

Going traveling with a chopper is not everybody’s cup of coffee. In order to avoid and reduce the risk of nasty surprises, you have to get really prepared. Doing these top 20 things that I have listed here before you take off will make your life easier. Auxiliary fuel pump — Turn this off as it won’t be needed along with the flight. Instruments and radios — Checked and set to the required frequency so that you maintain a stable communication pattern. Landing gear position lights — Checked and confirmed to work properly and that they are highly visible. Altimeter [...]

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Checklist For 10 Things To Pack For Your Long Distance Train Journey

Long distance trains trip is one of the best ways to see the world, and whether you are taking an epic train that goes for thousands of miles, or takes inter-linking routes, you could sometimes face a slight discomfort in case you didn’t bring along the right equipment. Use this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. Sleeping Bag - This is particularly useful if you are working with a budget and can't afford the coziest sleeping compartments on the train. Books Or An E-Reader - The biggest challenge for long train riders is how to avoid boredom in [...]

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Checklist for Zoo Trip

If you are taking your loved ones to the zoo, this checklist will make sure you have the best zoo experience. Planning the Zoo Trip Research: Visit the zoo's website Know Timelines: Determine the zoo’s operating timeline Plan your trip: Choose the time when the zoo is less crowded. Purchase tickets online: Saves time Find feeding schedule: Helps to see the animals in action. Find Shows: Determine if there are animal shows or zookeeper talks. Get the Map: Check the zoo's website and print out the map. Make a List: Figure out what to see and do. Number Areas: Follow [...]

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Checklist for Weekend Bag

If you are spending the weekend out of the house you need to get a daypack for every accessory that you might need. Use this checklist when packing to ensure you have everything. Weekend Bag Plan Trip: Know your destination Note Accessories: Write down everything you plan to bring on a trip. Prioritize: Focus on the essentials first. Attires: Pack two T-shirts, one long-sleeved shirt, and a sweater. Shorts: Bring two pairs of shorts for warm weather Jeans: Toss in a favorite pair of jeans. Underwear: Bring just what you'll need. Sleeping Gown: Pack your pajamas. Shoes: Pack a pair [...]

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Checklist for Visit Every State

Do you have a dream of visiting every state in the USA? Here is a checklist that you can follow so that you don’t miss out on any. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington Dc West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Having the most memorable trips means getting prepared in advance; [...]

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Checklist for Us National Parks

The US is a country with an awesome national heritage. Some of the best national parks in the world are found in the US. Here is a comprehensive checklist that will help you to sample some of the best ones to visit. Acadia National Park, Maine Arches National Park, Utah Badlands National Park, South Dakota Big Bend National Park, Texas Biscayne National Park, Florida Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park Bryce Canyon National Park Canyonlands National Park, Utah Capitol Reef National Park, Utah Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico Channel Islands National Park, California Congaree National Park, South Carolina [...]

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Checklist for Trip To Romania

Romania a country with a very rich heritage: if you choose to visit it, use this checklist to get a memorable trip. Bucharest Romanian Atheneum The village museum National art museum( former royal place) The parliament palace Cantacuzino palace Cismigiu gardens Museum of a Romanian Peasant The old court church Romanian savings bank (CEC bank) National theater Central University library The army club Bucharest University University Square The union square The triumphal arch  Timisoara Banat the history museum Banat ethnographic museum Banat village museum Roman Catholic Cathedral Great Synagogue Unirii square Orthodox cathedral Victory square Art museum Theatre and opera [...]

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Checklist for Travel Agent

Taking a vacation anytime soon? Here is the best checklist that you can use to get the best travel agent. Selecting A Travel Agent Type: Are you looking for someone with a specialty say on cruises or a jack of all trades? Recommendations: Ask loved ones who travel for recommendations. Online: Choose a travel agent in the net or online to save time/ cost. Research: Look through the local agencies. References: Ask agencies for current clients that you may contact. Company Profile: Check the credentials including history/ experience. Choose: Call only agencies that you've chosen through your research. Review all [...]

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Checklist for Tour Guide

Are you the next tour guide for the town’s museum? Give the best experience; use this checklist to give your tourists the best experience any day. Do Be flexible. Give balanced commentary. Be prepared to also change route anytime. Know all the alternative routes that you can provide. Stress every aspect of social history. Allow for questions and handle them appropriately. Always keep your ears open/ listen carefully. Be honest and if you don’t know the answer accept. Give enough time for your guests to talk. Limit all the details to the most important ones only. Explain every technical terms [...]

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Checklist for Safari

The most adventurous trips are called the safaris. They are like quest and that’s the more reason you want them to be epic. Here are tips on this checklist that will give you exactly that. Preparation Try to avoid infectious diseases. Stay away from people who have a cold or even influenza. Reduce sports, drive particularly defensively, eat less, eat only easily digestible foods. Find out how much your airline allows you to bring. Put little locks on the zippers of your bag. Do not put any valuables into the checked luggage. What To Bring Passport is valid for at [...]

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Checklist For Paddling Trip

Canoeing or kayaking is a cool experience. You can enjoy it alone or with friends. Depending on what you choose, here is the best checklist to help you through. On-River Gear Canoe or kayak: Needed to cruise the waters. Paddle: Paddling, cruising, and directing the canoe/ kayak Spare Paddle: In the case on paddle breaks Life-Jacket: For the worst eventualities (to keep safe from drowning). Bailer (1/2 gallon with its bottom cut out) drawing water out of canoe if it rains. Large sponge: To help remove the sand and water from your boat. Dry bag or dry box: To keep [...]

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Checklist for Overseas Travel

Are you planning on an overseas’ trip anytime soon? Use this checklist to get the most memorable traveling time overseas. Before You Go Research: On the destination location before your trip. Contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Get the best travel advice for the place you plan on visiting. Purchase a guide: To get information for the places you are visiting. Read up on local laws: Include the customs and places of interest. Contact an Agent: Get a travel agent for more information. Contact Doctor: Find out if there are any vaccinations needed. Get information: Helps to stay on [...]

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Checklist for On board Sleep

Long flight needs enough rest. But to get that sleep before you get into the flight, during the flight, or after will be your choice. Let our checklist help you to get the best onboard sleep. Before The Flight Choose a bedtime routine. Adjust your sleep schedule (focus on the destination's time zone). Get organized (helps to minimize stress). Pick out the trip’s outfit (loose but fitting comfortable clothes). Check in online (it helps to start relaxing immediately you hit the airport). During The Flight Use the sleep triggers (work with your bedtime routine). Choose the best relaxing music to [...]

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Checklist for Motorcycle Trip

Planning on going with your pals for a motorcycle trip soon? Here is the top checklist that will help you to get prepared fast. Inspect Your Motorcycle Tires Inflation: Make sure tires are properly inflated. Tires Replacement: Replace any tire that you suspect won’t last long. Cables: Check if cables (clutch and brakes) are intact and working. Lights: Make sure headlights work properly including (high & low beam), turn signals, indicators, and brake lights. Check Everything: Check engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Check frame, chain, suspensions, and fasteners if secure and intact. Center Stand or Side Stand: Ensure none [...]

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Checklist for Las Vegas

If you plan on taking a trip to Las Vegas, here is a checklist that will take you all the way through. Before Vegas Trip Check around for good deals Compare prices to save on Las Vegas vacation. Use online services and bundle offers Visit Vegas midweek – it’s cheaper then. If a senior citizen, request rooms near elevators. Decide how much you'll spend on gambling. If you're hard up, don't go to Vegas. Travel light Bring a jacket if it’s winter. Bring sunscreen. In Vegas Get cash before approaching the taxi area. Take a taxi to reach downtown. Ensure [...]

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