Checklist For Change A Flat Tire

After long use and because of wear and tear, it will be inevitable to prevent a puncture. It could happen when taking a road trip, going for a meeting, attending to an emergency, or getting back home from work. Once you hear the dreaded flapping sound of a flat tire simply pull over and follow these tips. Tools You Need: Spare tire Tire jack ; Lug wrench Socket Owner's manual for your vehicle  Changing The Tire: Step by Step Park on a flat surface. Remove the hubcap Loosen the lug nuts (Use lug wrench - place it on the tire’s [...]

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Checklist For Car AC Maintenance

If you were going somewhere with your family and car’s AC suddenly stops then everyone gets to feel the heat. It could be worse in the summer time. That’s why it is important that before you hit the road you should always check your car’s AC so that if it doesn’t work properly, you can always repair it. Here are the tips for the best AC checkup. DIY Check! Check the AC gas. If there is a leakage you’ll need to fix it, and if the levels are down then it should be refilled before the trip. Check the coolant. [...]

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Checklist for Tools Maintenance

Equipment, tools, and appliances must be well-taken care of and maintained if you want them to last and also perform efficiently. Use this checklist to give your tools the best care and maintenance routine. Tools Maintenance Storage: Store, when finished to use/, work Storage Area: Store in shed, garage, or utility room. Clean: Use an old towel and clean your tool before storing. Scrape and wipe: Get off stubborn dirt and rust. Wash: Rinse off your tools before drying. Dry: Allow tools to dry before storing to prevent rust. Sharpen: Have a routine sharpening/ clean before sharpening. Sharpen in category: [...]

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Checklist for Road-Trip-Short

Planning on a short road trip? Let our simple and easy to understand checklist help you sail through and get the best experience. Trip Planning Choose the dates. Watch out for July and August - national parks are often crowded Know the distance of the trip Make a rough estimate of the budget Determine the number of stops planned Find out if there are any special events on your route Leave plenty of extra time for flexibility along trips. Your Car Check the brake fluids. Check the radiator fluids/ coolant Check the hoses and belts for damages. Check all the [...]

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Checklist for Motorcycle Trip

Planning on going with your pals for a motorcycle trip soon? Here is the top checklist that will help you to get prepared fast. Inspect Your Motorcycle Tires Inflation: Make sure tires are properly inflated. Tires Replacement: Replace any tire that you suspect won’t last long. Cables: Check if cables (clutch and brakes) are intact and working. Lights: Make sure headlights work properly including (high & low beam), turn signals, indicators, and brake lights. Check Everything: Check engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Check frame, chain, suspensions, and fasteners if secure and intact. Center Stand or Side Stand: Ensure none [...]

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Checklist For RV Buying

Here is a great checklist if you want to buy your RV. You can use it any day without leaving anything to chance. Interior Damages: Check for signs of water damage or leaks. Fridge: Fridge is working. Stove: Stove/oven is working. Heater: Water heater is working. Electric Pump: Electric pump working properly. Thermostat: Should be in working order. Converter working properly. All lights and accessories functioning. Wiring: Appears safe: No naked wires. Sinks: draining properly. Toilet and Shower: Works properly. Check for signs of propane leaks. Windows and doors open and close. Entry door latch is in working order. Check [...]

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