Checklist For Drone Post-Flight

It is very important that you have a post-flight checklist for your drone. These are the traits of good drone ownership and also operation. To build the best post-flight checklist you must make sure that you do not skip or forget any key steps. Here are tips that will help you to cover every area. Flight date: Mark the flight’s date, distance, and also area. Flight location: Ensure the location is favorable and is not a restricted area. Weather conditions: Keep tabs of all the weather conditions and make sure they are favorable. Land drone: Give your drone a proper [...]

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Checklist for Drone Maintenance

Do own a drone? Do have the best guidelines for checking up, transporting, and maintaining the battery health of your drone? Use this checklist to keep your drone performing efficiently and to avoid unnecessary failures. Visual Inspection Inspect the outer shell and other components for damage. Check the condition of propellers before and after every flight. Make sure there are no bent blades or cracks. Inspect the gimbal for damage and camera lens for dust or dirt. Battery Read the intelligent flight battery safety guidelines. Use a fully charged battery. Don’t keep battery idle for a long time, its performance [...]

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Checklist For Dji Mavic Pro Pre-Flight

It’s another windy (non-flying) day, so I thought I should spend some time this morning looking through a few checklists on DJI Support, youtube, and other helpful forums. Check Parts – The parts you are using should only be genuine parts and should all be in mint condition. Charge Status – Charge every related device. From the remote controller, intelligent flight battery, and the mobile device. Check Camera – Keep your camera clear. It will help the gimbal to keep rotating freely before powering it on. Check Propellers - Propellers should be securely mounted onto the motors, and check the [...]

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Checklist For Computer Security

Maintaining the security of all your digital devices is quite essential if you want to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Nonetheless, you could sometimes miss out on what to look at. Use this checklist to keep a safe and problem-free device anytime. Data Backup Perform routine/ regular backups of all the data files. Test restoration of every client data files (ensures backup files work). Ensure a copy of the data is usually stored securely, off-site location. Review your backup requirements periodically.  Physical Security Ensure your computers are located in areas that are not easily accessible by hackers. Ensure everyone [...]

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Checklist for Web Developer

There is always the need to show commitment to what you love to do. As a web developer, this checklist not only gives you the commitment you need, but it also makes you the very best web developer. Best Practices Fix broken links Spelling and grammar Check the website in all browsers Decide on www-subdomain Mobile Mobile-friendly test Use 'viewport' meta-tag Use correct input types Manual check using emulators Test using real devices Analytics Uptime monitoring Traffic analysis Performance Google Page Speed score of 90+ Optimize HTTP headers Optimize images Usability Mod HTML5 compatibility check Custom 404 page Favicon Use [...]

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Checklist for Project Management Software Evaluation

It’s time for the best paperless management approach. But do you know how to evaluate the management software that you are looking at? Use this checklist to help. Your Team Characteristics Size: Determine the number of people in your team. Location: How far are they located from one another? Tech savvy: Capture the number that is already tech savvy. Working style: What is their most productive working style? Existing tools: Determine any existing tools that you can integrate.  Your Customer Characteristics Location: Categorize your customers and determine their location. Tech savvy: Find out if they already have tech knowledge. Transparency: [...]

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Checklist for Interactive Video Creation

If you love videos then an interactive video creation will sound just as much. Here is a checklist that will help you to prepare the best interactive video creation. Set your objectives: Know what you plan to achieve out of it. Devise a concept: Have a practical plan that matches those objectives Decide on technology: Which mechanism are you going to go with? Check experience: What is the kind of experience that you intend to get out of this? Manageable Technology: Go for scalable technology to get more realistic. Focus: Work with a direct choice point to minimize distractions and [...]

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Checklist For Technical-Hire-Vetting

How do you get the best technician in your team? This checklist gives you the best vetting process for any technical job. It is simple and easy to work with. Try it out next time you need to hire a technician. Hands-on Task: Give them the chance to duplicate a task Allow them to Show You: Let them walk you're through a previous project Questions: Ask open-ended questions that allow them to say more. Give them a Project: Have them complete a six-month consultant job. Motivated for the Job: Ask why they are so passionate about your business Double Programs: [...]

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