Checklist for A Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Bike Maintenance

The following checklist has all the necessary bike maintenance items and also the recommended maintenance frequency that is designed to give a recreational cyclist or commuter an outlined care and maintenance schedule for their bikes. Before every ride: Check tire air pressure: Make sure the pressure is at the recommended levels. Check brakes and cables: Ensure there are no faulty cables. The braking system should be checked if working properly. Be sure your crankset is tight: A crankset means great speeds, more efficiency, and a comfortable ride. Be sure quick release hubs are tight: This is important if you want [...]

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Checklist for Winter Mountaineering

Going hiking or mountaineering in the winter’s shivering temperatures need enough preparation. This checklist is here to give you get you prepared. Mountain Specific Goggles: protects your eyes Energy bars: keeps your energy levels up Vacuum flask: keeps your beverages warm/ hot. Sunglasses: protects your eyes from the sun’s UV rays Lipstick: prevents your lips from cracking/ drying Facial cream: keeps your face moisturized Altimeter watch: monitors the altitude Knife: a survival or tactical knife Documents: identification documents GPS: helps to monitor routes Compass: gives the best directions Map: use to track your movements/ landmarks First aid kit: In case [...]

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Checklist for Surfing

Surfing is a cool sport. But do you know what it takes to have the best surfing experience? Look at this checklist to get every tip. The Basics Attire: Full or short wetsuit, swimsuit, booties, and hoodie. Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Zinc oxide: For high exposure areas including lips, nose, and cheeks. Surfing Board: Longer board, for more stability and buoyancy Beginner: Focus on smaller waves. Leash: Your board must have a leash Respect: To the water and all your fellow surfers. Start Well: Know your skill level and focus on that. Buying A [...]

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Checklist for Sports-Camp

A training, workout, recreational, or sports camp will be great for any athlete who wants to nurture their skills, abilities, and talents. This checklist will help you to gear up for a sports camp. Sports Camp Objectives: Have objectives in your plan Understand: Get a grip of the goals Gauge the type of experience you intend to achieve. Kids: Make a realistic assessment of the child's ability. Communicate: Have a frank conversation on the child’s hopes. Coaching: Find and talk to your child’s current coach. Get Informed: Gather all vital information from camp organizers. Confirm Participation: Find out if the [...]

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Checklist for Bike Safety

Biking is more than a means of transportation.  It’s a great exercise for your heart and lungs and the muscles in your arms, back, and legs. Biking can help you with shedding a few pounds and improving your overall health. Young and old can enjoy a bike ride as riding a bike is not as physically demanding as running, so the exercise puts less strain on the heart. In addition to biking being good for you, it is also good for the environment. Distance permitting, you can cycle to work, use your bike for light shopping trips or to visit [...]

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Checklist for Skiing

Planning on going skiing? Here is the easiest checklist to help you get prepared in the best way. Preparation Skiing lessons: get an instructor /to enroll in a training club Equipment: Buy/ Hire/ Rent equipment in good condition including skiing shoes, skates, among others. Experience: Know your level and play by the rules Clubs: Enroll in clubs so you don’t go out alone. Equipment/Gear Skis Poles Boots Bindings Clothes Helmets: protecting your head Coats: keeping warm Gloves: protecting hand Pants: keeping snow off your body Goggles: protecting your eyes Things To Taking Communication: Mobile phones Food: Eating when you feel [...]

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Checklist for Mountaineering

Its pure fun hanging out with your loved ones; however, it’s an epic experience hitting the mountains or going rock climbing. Don’t spoil the party. Use this checklist to have a memorable experience. Tools Gps: Use to find the perfect directions from the present location. Vacuum flask: Taking your chosen beverages with you. Altimeter watch: To find altitudes. Compass: Great at working with GPS to give directions. Map: Choosing the best routes for the hike. Log books: If you are camping or going around for identity. Guide book: Choosing the best spots to visit. Trekking sticks: Ideal for adding onto [...]

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Checklist For Golf

Playing golf with pals can be a pretty cool way to pass your time. Here is the best checklist to help you with your preparation for your next golfing game. Preparation Lessons: Get the right golfing lessons. Choose a golf club Experience: Work with experienced and pro players. Driving ranges: Get down to specifics and learn tricks Equipment: Choose and put together your golfing equipment. Join a course or club: Take a theory class for more perspective Exercise: Keep your body fit by working out regularly. Equipment Clubs: Get the six types of golf clubs for your shots. Golf Bag: [...]

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Checklist For Baseball Gear

Thinking of playing baseball with your pals this coming vacation? That’s super cool. Don’t spoil the fun by forgetting your most important baseball gears. Use this checklist to ensure you are fully packed up for the game. Key Tips Get the directions to the playing location/ field Plan for transportation to field in advance. Read a few pro baseball playing tips Take some practice lessons beforehand Find out the date, day, and time of the game.  Uniform Uniforms are slightly different from the gear. They are more of the playing attire than the equipment and protective tools. Cap Playing top [...]

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Checklist For Winter-Sports

Keep yourself safe during winter sports. It is extra simple with our checklist. Before You Go Check Equipment: Ensure equipment is safe and trustworthy. Exercise in prior months: keep in shape and condition your muscles. Get insurance: Ensure the 'winter sport' you do is included in your policy. Get the Rules: Find out what regulations apply to protect your safety. Know Your Level: Check if provision for your level is available. Check Airport Rules: Confirm with the airport for restrictions or added costs. The check is restrictions apply on ski or snowboard equipment. Keep Warm: Make sure you’ve got warm [...]

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Checklist For Snowboarding

Do you plan on having fun with your pals this coming vacation? It’s time to ride your snowboards again. Use this checklist to make sure everything is packed and have pure fun with friends. Getting Ready Lessons: Get a tutor to help you get started. Equipment: Buy the right snowboard Clubs: Get the perfect clubs for your preferred style of riding. Experience: Boost your experience by working out regularly Dressing well: Buy the best attire for your personal style. Knowing your limits: Determine what lengths you can go for.  Gear Helmets: For head protection Goggles: Keeping snow from your eyes [...]

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Checklist For Bowling

Feeling all psyched up for your next bowling game? We have the best checklist for you. Use it and get the right tips so you don’t leave anything behind and spoil the game. Here is every tip for you.   Bowling Find a bowling ball that's the right weight and feels comfortable.  Get comfortable bowling shoes.  Always start your practice session with a positive thought.  Make sure you're throwing the first ball of every frame from the same starting position.  Get the timing right - each step of your foot should match up with a specific part of your arm swing [...]

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