Checklist For Environment Self-Help

Are you planning on creating a form of environmental self-help? Well, keeping our environment safe is really important. Use this checklist to get started and make easy strides too. Is the overall environment bright and welcoming Are the premises accessible to all users Are public areas tidy and well maintained Are fire exits and fire extinguishers clearly signed Is the First Aid station clearly signed Are there private areas for meeting with clients Are resources and services clearly labeled Are they well organized and easy to access Is there adequate workspace for the client's use Is there adequate space for [...]

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Checklist for Accident

What you do after a car accident can help to save lives, to reduce injuries, and also help to ensure a quick settlement of the car insurance claims. Here is an easy to follow guide that will ensure that you do the right thing at such a demanding time. The Accident Contact the police: Call 999 or any emergency extension line. Collect the Details: Get the names, license plate number, tag number, the insurance company name, and the policy number. Exchange information: Exchange the information with all the drivers at the place of the incident. Take photographs: If you are [...]

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Checklist For 10 Ways to Appear Confident

Whether you are feeling confident or not, nobody should know. Nonetheless being confident can lead you onto so many cool things. Here is a checklist that gives you the best tricks to get your confidence up. STAND UP STRAIGHT – Always walk with an upright posture. A straight back, shoulders straight and laid back, and your head held high will display status, power, and control. CHIN AND HEAD UP – Irrespective of where you are standing, always keep your head up and eyes looking straight up ahead. DO NOT POCKET – Leaving visible hands indicates that you feel very confident [...]

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Checklist for Investigation

Organizations are today under increasing scrutiny in an effort to ensure that its operations, personnel, and agents comply with both external and internal policies. Whether private or publicly owned, companies are being investigated by federal, state, local and foreign authorities. Here is a checklist that will save your day and keep you on the good books. Incident Fact Finding Check who was involved in the incident. Determine who saw the incident. Determine who was working with the involved person. Analyze who instructed and/or assigned the job to the person. Determine who else was involved. Research who has information on events [...]

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Checklist for Roommate

Here is a simple checklist to help you choose the best roommate to share your apartment with. Choosing A Roommate Decide what person you would like Go with gender, hobbies, or character e.g male or female, smoker or nonsmoker, younger, older, or the same age. Use the close network to find a reliable/ suitable person. Make sure your potential roommate is legit. Get a sense of a potential roommate's finances. Invite potential roommates for an interview. Expectations Communicate openly Be honest with each other. Decide how you handle rent Determine how to address utility payments. Agree on handling cleaning responsibilities. [...]

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Checklist for Realtor

Getting the right realtor is a good pointer to nailing the right type of property or cashing in on your property. Here is a checklist to help you in getting the most appropriate realtor for your type of property business. Selecting A Realtor Specialty: Identify realtors that specialize in your locations of interest Attend open houses: Helps to understand markets and meet realtors. List Down: Make a list of potential realtors. Contact the Best: Choose the best two or three agents on your list. Q&A: Prepare a list of questions to ask potential realtors. Interview a few different realtors – [...]

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Checklist for Property Inspection

Don’t spend your money on a wasted property. With these tips on our checklist, you can easily inspect a property alone and buy the best one. Property Exterior - Structural Safety Foundation: Watch for cracked, wet, or badly leaning structure. Ask a foundation repair specialist to help in checking it out. Roof: Make sure the roof has no signs of leaks. It should be flashing. Watch out for intact and no missing shingles. Ask a roof expert inspect it if for signs of water damage or leaks. Deck/porch: Inspect supporting beams for rot or insect damage. Flooring: Must be even. [...]

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Checklist for Money Saving

Having some savings stashed away is usually a good way of tackling emergencies. In case your salary delays, your medical cover expires, or if you need to fix the debt, savings will be a great way to do so. Use this checklist to keep your bills down and start on your savings today. Home Insulate Your Home: Use fans and ventilation instead of AC. Have yard sales: Helps to clear the clutter Use the Library: Saves you from spending so much on books. Take Up Hobbies: Focus on those that don't cost money. Use Open Source Software: You won’t have [...]

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Checklist For B2B Growth

For online companies, an all-around presence is a powerful marketing strategy. Get your B2B growth strategy in no time and make your presence felt in no time. Use this checklist to get it done. Create Content: Develop shareable, original, and embeddable content Network Profile: Create a LinkedIn presence and activity and keep your profile updated. Off-Page Strategies: Plan and execute the best conferences and exhibitions. Integrate your Pages: Make sure there is a smooth integration between all your websites and social media platforms. Keep it Simple: Get an extremely simple product to avoid training Brand your products: Customize and personalize [...]

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