Checklist For Christian Privilege

Christian privileges are any of those advantages that are bestowed upon Christians in quite a number of societies. Here are tips you need that will make you understand Christian privileges and prevent you from marginalizing the non-believers. You can take some time off work and celebrate religious holidays together. Use readily accessible music and television related Christian programs to sensitize people. Find stores that carry Christian based items that enable you to practice your faith collectively and stand up to any form of marginalization. Don’t be pressured to celebrate holidays from any other faith that might conflict with your religious values. Understand that [...]

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Checklist for Christian Bucket

If you're a Christian, you probably think you haven't achieved much, especially if you go to a church where you're constantly being asked awkward questions! Look at this list, you've probably achieved more than you think. The phrase "been instrumental in . . . " includes praying for something and having that prayer answered, as well as assisting in a situation along with other people. Win someone to Jesus. Memorize an entire chapter of the Bible. Learn to pray better. Become a person of good humor and frequent laughter. Volunteer in your community. Find someone from your past and apologize. [...]

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Checklist for All Religions and Belief Systems

Listing all religions is practically impossible. This is because there are an infinite variety of religious beliefs and also transcendental ideas. Nonetheless, in this checklist, we have tried to capture quite a number. Agnosticism Amish Ancestor worship Animism Asatrú Atheism Aum Shinrikyo Bahá'í Faith Brahma Kumari Branch Davidians Buddhism Celtic Paganism Chen Tao Chinese Religion Christadelphians Christian Apostolic Church In Zion Christianity Concerned Christians Confucianism Dami Xuanjiao Deism Divine Light mission Druidism Druze Dualism Ebionites Eckankar Gnosticism Hare Krishna Heathenism Heaven's Gate Hinduism Hookers For Jesus / The Family Of God Humanism Islam Jainism Jedi Knights Jehovah's Witnesses Judaism Mennonite [...]

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Checklist for A Happy Christian

Happiness in the Christian faith and life helps in answering the common misconceptions. As a result, it is important to keep a check on how you keep your happiness levels high as a Christian. Here are some of the best rules to play by. Don't let little things disturb you. Face each day knowing "Jesus does all things well". Give all your cares to Jesus. - He heals - He guards - He guides - He saves completely! Stop worrying! Be good and then let the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit give the results in your life. Remember - what [...]

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