Checklist for Product Launch

Are you planning on launching a new product on the market? Use this checklist to make sure that your plan is indeed very successful. Research Buyers’ Market: Determine the presence of a market for the product or software Potential partners/affiliates: Are there people you can work together with? Compete or COMPLETE: Are there businesses in the market or are you alone? Competing products: What products offer the same services? Price of competing products: What is your pricing compared to similar products? Keyword Discovery (Searches per Month): How often do people search for the product? Keyword Competition: How competitive is the [...]

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Checklist For Help Desk Software Evaluation

Do you want a faster way to address your customer’s concerns? The help desk software might just be your best bet. Here is a smart checklist that will assist you to evaluate the help desk software in an easy way. Customer Base Location: Where are your customers located? Tech Savvy: What is your customer’s overall technical aptitude? Communication Medium: Which channels work best for them? Motivation: Can they seek the answers on their own first? Size: What is the exact number of your customers?  Current Help Desk Operations Location: How does your staff work? On-site or off-site, or both? Tech [...]

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Checklist for Being Happy At Work

Forget the bad day at work. If you love your work your day will be an awesome one. So how do you work and remain happy all through the day at work? We sample up the tips in our work checklist. Read on! Consider Your Position A simple way to understand your position at work is to ask yourself the following questions. They are best if you need to fast track your impact. Does the job fit with your qualifications? Where do you see your career in five years? Are your skills valued? Is your work appreciated? Is your manager [...]

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