Checklist For Curb Appeal

What do your pals think of your house when they visit or pass by? If you don’t know when it is possible that your curb appeal could actually use a quick overhaul. Fortunately, you don’t have to use thousands of dollars to give your home the perfect appeal. Here is a quick checklist to help you out. Exterior Mow the lawn and trim the vegetation. Keep the lawn mowed at a certain height. Clean the driveway always. Clear all vegetation and shrubs from the walkways Clear grass from driveway cracks. Keep your garbage containers at the rear. Keep toys and [...]

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Checklist For Buying A Second-Hand Motorcycle

Not everyone can afford a brand new motorcycle. Well, if you love to ride and you can’t get your hand on a brand new machine, here is a few important tips that will give you a great secondhand bike that you can still enjoy and use to explore the places around you. Questions to Ask Appearance: Is the bike clean and shiny? Touch the engine: Is it cold or warmed up? Are there any oil leaks at the engine or gearbox? Do the frame/chassis number and the engine number match the details on the paper documents? Are there bills for [...]

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Checklist for Applying Wall Stickers

Do you want a temporary or say a quick fix for your empty wall space? There is a better way to do it. The use of wall decals will give you the start that you need. Here is what you need to get the best wall sticker application experience of your own. Supplies Wall stickers Sponge Pencil Wall scraper Squeegee Level Preparing The Area Wash the wall: Use mild soapy water and sponge and wash off the wall before drying it with a squeegee. Dry the wall: Use a squeegee to dry the wall or if not, simply use a [...]

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Checklist For 25 Extinct Animals That Scientists Want to Bring Back

In the last 100 years, there have been a high number of extinct animals in the world. Scientists are considering how to possibly bring back some of these animals through a process called “de-extinction.” Here is a checklist of the animals that they have focused on. Carolina Parakeet Cuban Macaw Aurochs Dodo Dusky Seaside Sparrow Labrador Duck Heath Hen Ivory-billed Woodpecker Imperial Woodpecker Great Auk Woolly Mammoth Mastodon Moa Elephant Bird Passenger Pigeon Pyrenean Ibex Quagga Smilodon Baiji Thylacine Steller’s Sea Cow Caribbean Monk Seal Huia Moho Gastric-brooding Frog In choosing the extinct animals to actually bring back, today’s scientists [...]

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Checklist For Personal Memorial

If you are planning a personal memorial for a loved one it will be awesome to get things underway smoothly. Use this checklist to help. Church Service Venue: Choose location of the ceremony Time: Choose time and date of the ceremony. Reservations: Reserve the ceremony location. Lead person: Identify clergy, celebrant, or person to officiate service. Service Theme: Decide on theme, type, and tone of service. Schedule: Decide on order and timing of the service. Readings: Pick individuals to do readings and share memories. Entertainment: Select music. Decorations: Purchase floral arrangements. Guest Book: Purchase memorial guest book. Floor Plan: Reserve [...]

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Checklist For Minimalist Must Have Toolkit

Are you planning to live life on the simplest edge? Be the best minimalist that we have around. Get your set of tools right. Use our checklist to start off. Tools Cutters: for cutting wires and tiny sheets of iron Zip strips: to use as tie wraps and cable ties Plastic-electrical tape: for sealing open cables Small clamps: used to hold as vices Wire nuts: tapping ends of cut/ naked wires Small vise grips: Double up as clamps Flat file: Smooth edges of iron bars, knives, and plates. 5 in 1 knife/tool: Putty and pocket knife for tactical use Assorted [...]

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Checklist For Change Of Address

There are many reasons why you may want to change the address. More often than not it will include change of job, city, moving out, and many others. In case you intend to change your address, it will be important that you follow this checklist. Personal Choose a personal address for the following parties:- Friends and family Subscriptions Health/ fitness club or salon. School/daycare Church Pharmacy  Finance Keep a financial address for these institutions:- Financial institutions Insurance companies Tax Preparer  Government When seeking an update with the government, cover these:- Post office Driver’s license Social security/welfare office IRS  Utilities More [...]

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